This is a reference section of our web site that provides you with information on silver mints. We are providing the information on each mint that we can confirm. We are asking for help. We need information on the Mints that are listed, are they out of business, if not, what is the contact information, website? Any information will be appreciated.

We are also seeking information on Mints not listed. If you know of a mint that is not Listed, please send us the information you have and we will add it to the website.

American Argent Mint, Ltd.
American Gold & Silver Corp.
American Pacific Mint
AG-MET, Inc.
American Mint
American Silver Editions
Artistic Silver
Arlington Coin Galleries
Bar Mint
Belford Mint
Belford & Causey
Bluegrass Mint
Buffalo Silver Ingot, Ltd.
Bullionaire Mint
California Silver
California Mint
Capitol Metals
Carolina Mint
Cartier Mint
C. & R Silver
Ceeco Mint
Coast Productions
Coin Galleries of San Francisco
Coins Magazine
Colonial Mint
Colonial Mint of Williamsburg
Columbia Mint
Continential Coin Corp.
Continential Mint PTY. LTD.
Crown Mint
Crabtree Mint
Dahlonega Mint
Death Valley Mint
Don Adams Companies
Doyle’s Coin Palace
E. J. Aleo & Associates
El Dorado Mint
Engelhard Industries
Fleetwood Mint
Foster Company
Frontier Mint
Galaxie Coins
Garden State Mint
Gem Silver & Sales
Golden State Mint
Grayson, John W.
Gorham Sterling
Greathouse Productions
Great Lakes Mint
Green Country Mint
Green Duck Mint
Green Star Mint
Hamilton Mint
Hartford Mint
Historical Events
Horror Classics
Illinois Mint
International Silver Ingot Co.
Irving Mint
International Assn. of Silver Art/Collectors
Johnson-Matthey, Ltd.
Justice Mint
Kennedy Mint
Kirk Collection
Letcher Mint
Liberty Mint
Limited Issue Bars
Lincoln Mint
Lombardo Mint
Paradise Mint
Ron Hyer
Madison Mint
Maritime Mint
Marshall, Virgil
Masterpiece Medallians
Mocatta Metals Corp.
Money Company, The
Monfra, Tordella & Brooks
Mini Mint
Mother Lode Mint
Mount Everest Mint
Music City Mint
Northwest Territorial Mint
Normark Mint
Numitelics International
Ohio Mint
Oxford Refiners
One Mint
Patrick Mint
Premium Issue Bars
Pioneer Mint
Pioneer Mint Enterprises
Rarities Refining Co.
Revere Galleries
Rainbow Mint
Rosario Resources Corporation
Joel D. Rettew
Sam Sloat
Sharps Pixley
San Francisco Private Mint
Silver Creations
Silver Mint
Silver Mine, The
Silversword Productions
Simmons Refiners
South East Refining
Silver Towne
Sunshine Mining Company
Success Silver
Tentex Mint
Tri-State Refining
The Mint
U.S. Silver Corporation
U.S. Coinage Corporation
USVI Ingot Co.
Valley Forge Mint
Ward Silver Exchange, Kenneth
Washington Mint
Westfall, Robert E.
World, Inc.
World Mint
Williams Mint, Roger
Wittenauer Mint
World Wide Mint
Yorkville Coin Investment

Alberta Mint (Canada)
Bavarian Mint (West Germany)
The Berlin Mint (West Germany)
B. H. Mayer’s (West Germany)
Delta Mint (Canada)
Italian Mint
Intercoin (West Germany)
Milano (Italy)
Miscellaneous Foreign
Mosiac Art (Canada)
National Mint (Canada)
MP (Canada)
Pmap Suisse (Swiss)
Unknown Mints (Canada)
Western Mint (Canada)

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